How designers can use philosophical thinking to create meaning.

An individual climbing a set if infinite stairs looking for the meaning of life.

Whether studying psychology for user experience or learning programming for web development, designers are always acquiring new skills and perspectives to improve our careers and personal growth. To interpret the meaning of life and discover who we are as individuals, the study of philosophy strives to best answer these questions…

Why designers have ditched the art persona and hijacked the UX industry

Text of Art, Design, and UX. Art and UX text are crossed out.

Designers have been trying to shake the misconception that design is not art for a long time. Only recently have companies started to recognize that design is an essential component to a successful business approach. And with large companies such as IBM and Fidelity adopting “design thinking” strategies, things are…

How to integrate communication, reasoning, and empathy to solve business and user needs

Venn diagram highlighting the overlap of business and user needs.

Designers are responsible for pleasing various groups of people. The two most common are the users who interact with our designs for a product or service, and the other is the business stakeholders who represent and market the same products or services. Each group has a distinct set of values…

As technology and efficiency improve, our products have become less beautiful and unique

Retro automotive tail fin

Design influences the world in many ways, from user experience and branding to architecture and engineering. A practical and elegant method of implementing design is by utilizing the well-known principle that form follows function. This notion implies that design decisions are quantified with purpose and grounded in efficiency and practicality…

Using storytelling to sell your designs to stakeholders

Orange loud speaker on orange wall

In many ways, designers are like salespeople, regularly pitching our design solutions to clients, stakeholders, and non-designers to make a sale, so to speak. Some designers are pretty good at this. Being extroverted helps a great deal. As an introvert myself, I have had to learn various communication skills and…

The ability to design well requires knowledge, talent, and wisdom.

Stack of blocks and figures representing a hierarcy

As humans, we recognize a good melody when we hear it. Even those of us without a musical background or an ability to play an instrument understand music’s potential to generate emotions and visceral impressions. Similarly, people subconsciously recognize good and bad designs when they see or experience them.


Michael Buckley

Creative Director & Design Strategist. Interested in philosophy, psychology, and problem-solving. I write to explore my thoughts and share ideas. Unus Mundus.

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